There often tends to be more stylish diaper bags for girls and not as many for boys. I did a lot of research and found the trendiest bags for little boys that can be used by both mom and dad.  It is time to say goodbye to those bulky, good for nothing, ugly bags for little boys that you have referred to as diaper bags. Now they are cool, look great, and can match just about any outfit that you can imagine.

Below are a few diaper bags that will certainly catch your eye, like they did mine. Just because you have a little boy doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the cute and versatile diaper bags. It is time to go out with the old and in with the new.

Boy diaper bags

Studio Diaper Tote

Not only does it not look like a diaper bag, it switches into a stroller bag. It is eco-friendly and free of any PVC materials, as well as has 14 pockets. So there are plenty of spots to put the bottles, diapers, binkies, cell phone, toys, etc. The pockets are lined by Agion antibacterial technology to help minimize germs.

Original Diaper dude bag

If you are a parent that switches between mom and dad duty, then this bag is perfect. It is a messenger bag that works for gender neutral, so you don’t have to worry about having two bags, and it comes in a variety of prints and colors. It has an ergonomic design, which means it will hold all the baby items that you need whether its a day out or a weekend trip.

Vintage Biplane Cevan Metro by Allen Ave Diaper Bag

Little boys need to be just as fashionable as their sisters or moms. So this bag is perfect if your the type to wear chucks and vintage tees. The white on gold has 12 inside pockets and it’s easy to clean, so no worries if juice or formula spills everywhere. It has an extra wide strap that makes it great for comfort and attached to a stroller pretty easy.

Loom go Tote

This is one bag that is not only water resistant, but it has the urban, yet sporty appeal. It can double as a gym bag or a work bag. It comes equipped with a changing pad, so you are certainly going to enjoy the plenty of storage and the versatility of this bag.

Merona Slouch Diaper Bag

This can be considered the little black dress of diaper bags. It is a basic black, but gets a bit of decoration from the Asian inspired print. It has multiple compartments which keep all your baby stuff in place and easily found when you need it.

Diaper Satchel by JP Lizzy

This satchel has been made with durable fabric and made for everyday use. The cute interior design will really make a statement, while all of the pockets that are in the satchel keep everything where you placed them. It has a magnetic closure that keeps everything inside, so you can be outside with confidence. The best part it comes in multiple colors such as pistachio and dreamsicle. It has a wipeable liner and faux leather exterior fabric, a changing pad, large zippered interior pocket, 2 open interior pockets, 2 exterior pockets, and 2 adjustable bottle pockets.

Ryan Baby Bag by Le SportSac

These cute diaper bags are really customizable and have plenty of patterns that you can choose from. This bag doesn’t actually feel like a diaper bag, which is great if you are an on-the-go mom. There are so many possibilities. It has a front zipper pocket, zipped main closure, back open pocket that comes with a changing pad, 2 side pockets for bottles, 2 interior open pockets, stroller straps, a handle drop and an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap.

Elliot by Nest Diaper Bags

Even though this bag is a bit pricy being around $350, it is definitely worth it. This is the most popular diaper bag from Nest Diaper Bags. It was known before as the Whipstitch, but since it has a new look, it got a new name and improved features. You are able to remain confident knowing that you are in style and still cool with the simplified stroller straps while you can remain that on-the-go woman that you were meant to be. It is made from genuine leather and has exclusive linings and custom hardware.

Diaper Bags by BabyMel

This is a great diaper bag that you can be seen in public with. It comes in three different prints which is great for no matter what type of baby that you are having. They are very functional and have plenty of pockets as well as coming with a changing pad.

There are plenty of features and colors that you can get in a diaper bag, but when it comes to having a little boy, well being trendy is hard to really do. You have to make sure that you are picking something that will go with your outfits as well as your little one. When it comes down to it these are the trendiest bags out there.


There are plenty of options when it comes to being trendy and having a little boy. Just because there aren’t a lot of options, doesn’t always mean that you should skimp out with being fashionable. These bags work for all sorts of days and the versatility will leave this a bag to be used for decades.

Which one is right for you?

Baby changing bags increase mobility. This message of the diaper bag manufacturer reads pleasing at first glance, because after all, she answered the question of mobile parents, whether the acquisition of a most expensive diaper bag is worth or heard to the things, that you can have, but does not have. But not only parents who were traveling quite a lot even before birth and want to change as little as possible because after pregnancy are involved in the problem.

Diaper bags for boys
On the question after the “Whether” a diaper bag, there is no clear answer. Of course baby and everyday utensils can be into each other, more or less large bag accommodate. The own need situation becomes clearer when you take a picture of the variety: with Messenger diaper bags you have both hands free, because they can be worn with a wide strap over the shoulder and across the chest. Diaper backpacks which are suitable for hiking or cycling. And diaper bags, which are worn as a handbag in the hand or over the shoulder, not seldom lay down an elegant performance at the shopping tour.

Diaper bags for boys

Models that come as a small travel bag, eventually form the right solution for day trips in addition to young and the half baby budget. Diaper bags, which provide ample storage, but are not so huge, are ideal that it would be confused with a piece of luggage. Popular are models that can be used later as a fashionable shopping companion or eliminate the need for the separate purchase of a handbag. The material is a matter of taste: there are models in leather, synthetic leather, jeans, canvas or polyester – only it should be easy to clean.

Diaper bags for boys

What is the role of the Interior?

The most complete sets bundle accessories such as changing pad, bottles – and glass holder, an insulated bottle bag, a plastic bag, a damp cloth box and most importantly: many separate indoor and outdoor subjects. Their business is to assign its own course to all utensils – about bodysuits and bibs, wet wipes and ointment, burp cloth and dummy, single time changing mats and spare diapers – in the best case separated from everyday utensils, which were located before the pregnancy in the Lady’s handbag.

Diaper bags for boys

Pockets on the outside in turn allow access to items that you would like to reach responsive. Removable bottle holders are convenient: they prevent flooding by bottles flipped to of the contents of bag in your pocket, outside, they provide additional mobility. Many models offer a cell phone compartment and a separate compartment for purse, key & co, which at the same time protects the stranger access with a zip or buckle. Also handy: snap hooks for keys and pacifier.

Material and washable

Just when the big baby changing bags, color is important in addition to a reasonable Interior. Dark or even black lining the misery often offer a “black hole”-effect, makes some important hardware are seemingly nowhere to be found. Bright lining significantly facilitate the overview when they also usually less friendly stains. In this connection, a fully functional diaper bag instead of a bag of all world will benefit parents: In the best case, it consists of an easily washable fabric, very good models are machine washable and maintain even their shape even after countless machine washing.

Diaper bags for boys

Practical and cumbersome closures

Also the look on the closures: magnetic locks are installed at most of the single concepts, zips in turn should be smooth and can be operated also with one hand, buckles and hook and loop closures are usually cumbersome, the latter can damage sensitive even bodysuits, rompers, or other baby clothing. Velcro closures make however useful in form of stroller attachments: most diaper bag sets provide just such and clickable loops. You can be ideally to any handlebar or handlebar attach the stroller, the buckle firmly clicked simply because.

Diaper bags for boys

Daddy bags for dads

In recent years, manufacturers have developed the “new” target group of the fathers: Papa-bags are to far away from the typical floral pattern also fathers wearing a diaper bag allow – in the best case so close can form and color not to the content. Usually, they are worked and father Middle colours in the Messenger bag style. Materials such as canvas, leather or jeans back in the foreground, also compartments for mobile phone and MP3 player play a role. Daddy-bags, which are used beyond diaper age – such as laptop bag, quick offer real added value-to the shopping or leisure bag. The flaps can be exchanged even for many models.