Celebrity Diaper Bags for Boys

If you are the type of person who really likes to have fashion like the celebrities, the good news is you can now do the same with diaper bags. We are here to tell you about some of our favorite celebrity diaper bags for boys, that range from affordable to higher end. If you want to carry the same bag as your favorite celebrity, here they are.

Charlie’ by Timi& Leslie – Jessica Alba

If you are looking to have the chic style leather satchel carried by Jessica Alba, you are looking for the ‘Charlie’. This bag is the perfect size to stash away diapers and bottles when running around or to the office. You have the option of nine colors, such as metallic pewter. With a price tag of $150, it’s an affordable designer bag.

Storksak Jamie Bag – Brad Pitt

If you’re looking for a designer bag that has a manlier look to it, this sleek leather diaper bag is favored by Brad Pitt. It’s referred to as a ‘man bag’ by the UK designer, but has the details and structure needed from a great diaper bag. It also comes with a detachable key clip and changing pad, and starts at just $150. For fathers looking to mimic Brad Pitt, this bag is for you.

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DwellStudioWeekener Bag – Gisele Bundchen

If you’re looking to carry around a modern designer bag that Gisele has, you want the DwellStudio Weekender. It measures an amazing 20” by 11” which gives plenty of room for what you need to carry. It’s very stylish and will make any outfit look that much better too! It’s price tag is currently $230, and available at Giggle.

Mia Bossi Maria Diaper Bag – Anne Heche

For all you Anne Heche fans, this tangerine colored bag is one of the more splurged after bags, with bright colors we’ve grown to love by Mia Bossi. It provides great detail and enhances fashion when it comes to diaper bags. With a price tag of $400, it’s a bit higher than others on the list, but very high quality and stylish.

Prada Nylon Baby Bag –Kourtney Kardashian

By now everyone knows the Kardashians are style first, everything else last and that includes diaper bags. If you’re looking to match Kourtney’s fashion, you will need the Prada Nylon bag, but it comes at a hefty price tag of $1230. Far as functionality, if you’re looking to be like a Kardashian, functionality is what you make it to be, right?