IOMommy Weekender Tote Diaper Bag

I had been searching for a good diaper bag for my newest addition and honestly, it is hard to find a good one out there that has everything needed such as plenty of pockets for organization, plenty of space and even looks great for both mom and dad to carry around. Browsing Amazon, like I normally do, I found the IO Mommy Weekender Tote. This literally screamed at me about how practical it would be so I ordered it to try because I happen to like the return policy of Amazon products.

The first thing that I noticed about it was the fact that it came in a cute black and white print, which works well for me and my husband. When we opened it up we noticed a few things right off that we knew that we would love. Not only does it have a large inner pocket, but there are also 6 smaller pockets on the inside where I can keep my much needed spare pacifier, snacks for my toddler, and all the necessities that parenthood needs. It comes with two outside bottle pockets and two other external pockets. That means I have plenty of room for everything needed for my little one. Plus, it comes with a really cute waterproof changing pad. The bag itself is made from a high quality cotton canvas. I have learned that if it gets dirty, I just throw it in the washer.

The other part that I like is the fact that the straps are adjustable. My husband is taller than I am and this bag allows him to make it as a long or as short as he wants. I am able to make it hip height without having to really worry about a lot of pain in my shoulder from carrying it. It is super comfortable and even when it is loaded down, it doesn’t really seem that heavy at all. This bag is like owning a top designer diaper bag with a really great bargain price. That is another thing that drew me to this bag. When you have two little ones, who are both in diapers, you want anything that is a bargain because let’s be honest, diapers are super expensive.

Even though it is still spacious and it carries everything I need, I still feel as if I need more space sometimes. This bag is great. It is perfect for those who just have one little one. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is needing a designer like bag for a great price. Your certainly can’t beat the price. It is under $50 and it is made with high quality, durable materials that you can wash easily.