JJ Cole Camber Diaper Bag Review

Whenever you become a mom, you are giving up that designer purse for a carry everything diaper bag. That bag is going to be an essential item to purchase before your baby is born, simply because it will be the one thing that will go everywhere with you besides your baby. It also becomes an essential part of your life when baby #2 comes around.

Recently, I got the JJ Cole Camber bag and I love it. It literally has room for my stuff, my toddlers stuff, and stuff for my newborn. That is great for me because I travel with a toddler and newborn a lot, so I don’t need a lot of extra bulk that needs to be carried around.

The one thing that you will notice about the Camber is that is stylish. I love the classic black and white with the floret design, but here are over 9 different patterns and colors that you can choose from. I also like the fact that the pattern is only on part of the bag and not the whole bag. Sometimes patterns can be overwhelming but I think JJ Cole got this down.

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It isn’t really girly, so now my husband doesn’t feel girlish when carrying this diaper bag. Since it is black and white, and has a classic pattern, it doesn’t really scream “Hey, Look how girly I am”. It is simple but really cute, but not so cute that my husband feels weird carrying it.

I love that this bag has 3 different carrying options. I go for the shoulder strap because I can swing it behind me and grab my toddler and carry my newborns car seat. You can even use the tote straps and carry it like a regular bag or you can use the stroller clips. I love this part too because it keeps the bag at the right level where I can get to it without having to carry it. So much better than having to put it under the stroller seat in the basket.

I also love the fact that the Camber holds everything needed without it feeling too bulky. It isn’t awkward to carry and it doesn’t stick out. There is plenty of room to be organized. I am able to fit diapers, changing pad, wipes, snacks for the toddler, and extra clothing for both, a nursing cover, and some of my personal items without it feeling over crowded.

I also love that it is super easy to clean because it is made from laminated canvas. A good plus is that it comes with a wipeable changing pad, so if you don’t have one, you will now. There are zippered pockets in the front where you can hold little things like your cell phone, chapstick or hand sanitizer. It also has side pockets that I use for extra bottles and sippy cups. They are deep enough that nothing will fall out. It also has 2 more deep pockets on the front that you can store things you have to grab fast like a pacifier, or your wallet. I love that there are plenty of pockets that will keep me organized while I am on the go.

I love the JJ Cole Camber diaper bag. It has everything that you could want in a diaper bag and then some. It is well made, durable, and washable. If you are a busy mom, then this is the bag you need and for under $60, it is quite a bargain.