What to keep in your diaper bag

One of the first things you will need to do after having a new baby is preparing the diaper bag. Once you have determined which diaper bag you want, the next step is determining what you need to keep in the diaper bag so you are ready for any situation that may occur, and there are many potential situations! However, the items you need to carry will depend on the age of your child as well, let’s go over the basic items you will need.


Diapers – It’s a good idea to prepare by packing one diaper per hour you’re away, and then a few more in case anything were to happen.

Baby wipes – Grab a handful and put them in a plastic bag for shorter trips, or for longer trips take the whole container. These are good for many uses.

Hand sanitizer – You’ll want to sanitize after a diaper change, right?

Change pad – There are many diaper bags that provide a changing pad to make things more comfortable on your baby, but they make disposable ones when traveling too.

Biodegradable or plastic bags – Be prepared for discarding soiled baby blankets, clothes and diapers.

Prepared bottles of formula/breast milk – Babies get hungry, often.

Snacks – if your child is a bit older, this may include jars of baby food or inger foods.

Sippy cup w/drink – If you have a toddler.

Find another checklist here.

Blanket – Baby’s get cold quicker than us adults, and the blanket can be used for changing in a hurry.

Additional cloths – Accidents happen at all stages in life, but it’s like babies are on a mission. Be ready for spills, drool, spit-up, and explosive pooping…

Comfort item – This can be a pacifier, security blanket, etc.

Sunscreen/hat – If you are out in the sun, you want to ensure they are protected as they burn much quicker than you expect.

Emergency Info – It never hurts to be prepared with contacts for doctors, have insurance cards on you, etc.

There are also other items you may find useful to pack, not all of them have to be for the baby’s needs either. These include:

Nail clippers – If your baby only lets you clip nails when asleep, it’s a good idea to have them ready.

Diaper rash cream – For smaller trips a sample size or travel size takes up less space.

Camera – You never know when you will want to snap a picture!

Nursing cover – For those who breast feed whenever needed, this allows you to cover yourself for privacy.

Sling/Wrap – This may be handy even when you have a stroller in case you decide you don’t want to push it around.

Breast pads for nursing – If you leak, these can be your best friend.

First-aid kits: As you never know when something may be needed, including a Band-Aid or pain reliever for mommy’s headache.